My AIP Diet Change


Jennifer Flanigan’s – German Sweet Potato Salad

I have been on the AIP diet for a week or so now.  It has been expensive and incredibly time consuming.  I have had to purchase a bunch of food and items that I do not normally have on my shelf and I have spent every single day cooking.  I enjoy cooking really but, there is added pressure to make sure I have enough to eat at any time and not be tempted to sway.  

Jumping into AIP from Paleo is not very hard to do.  I am already used to a high protein, fat and vegetable diet.  I only had to remove another few items and it was the logical next step.  I have to say however, that I did shed a few tears on the day that I decided to embark on this part of the journey.  I LOVE coffee and wine.  I also found myself being cranky the first few days as we ventured out of the house and I could not find anything without paprika, gluten or dairy in it!  

I will share links throughout here of the items I have purchased as well as specialty foods that are not found in any grocery store that I have access to.  

I have found much inspiration and guidance from the women and their blogs/websites listed below:

There is also a great video interview with Eileen and Mickey regarding reintroduction of foods after being on AIP for a while.  

I immediately realized when I started the diet that I was in for a lot of cooking.  I always put half of what I make in the freezer.  I use recipes online that people share on Pinterest as well as on Eileen’s site here.  The first recipe cookbook I ordered was Mickey’s The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook. I love this cookbook and have made many of her recipes already.  

Items that most folks do not have in their kitchen but, I use with the recipes:

Here are supplements I have ordered and take regularly.

For a thorough explanation of the benefits of these supplements I highly recommend Datis Kharrazian’s book Why do I still have thyroid symptoms? When my lab tests are normal.  This is the book that taught me what tests I am going to ask for at my functional medicine doctor visit and the different types of thyroid conditions and how they are treated within the functional medicine practice.  

UP Next – My first week on AIP with recipe links and outline of different days 


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