The Doctor Visit


After many months of feeling like I was going to die I went to a primary care physician (PCP). I did not have one already so I found one in my health insurance network. I took a laundry list of symptoms I was having as well as my history of symptoms and diagnosis. Having no history on record for her to look over she wanted to have me take several tests based upon my symptom list.

She called for a sleep apnoea test, an upper GI and and ultra sound of the upper abdomen. I know that my insurance covers only those special visits and tests referred by my PCP and that I would be responsible for 30% of the cost. So I decided to take one test and see where that would hit me in my wallet before I submitted to the other tests.

The ultrasound came up clean – nothing unusual. No gallstones, no lover stones, no gall sludge, no stones anywhere, no other aberrations to note. So, I hit the books and the web again for my gamut of symptoms. I decided that my paleo diet that I had been kind of sticking to was not doing the trick and that I might try the autoimmune diet.

All my symptoms pointed to a thyroid and/or autoimmune condition. So, I figured that if I did have either of these that the best way for me to address this condition – other than any recommended supplements by the doctor – is to take control of my diet.

I was certain that if I gained control of my probable autoimmune condition that my sleep problems would alleviate, my IBS would go away as would all other abdominal pain and my other symptoms as well would start to improve. My next post will outline what I have done since I started he autoimmune protocol diet (AIP) as well as the results.

I have realized that it is only I who will know what is right for me. I have learned that not all (in fact not most) of traditionally trained medical doctors are capable of properly addressing autoimmune conditions let alone recognize a condition when it is staring them in the face.

The PCP that I went to had the gall to tell my my tongue was not swollen – even though I know that it is and has been for many years. She took me to a google search for swollen tongues and all I saw were a myriad of tongues with very different issues. Some looked like deep bark on a tree, others cracked, others with round dark patches, etc.

She also told me that she once had a patient that after a series of tests were unable to pinpoint what was causing his chronic fatigue as all his tests were “normal”. So, he was left with a lovely title for his illness with no aid or cure. What a waste of time. I know that I have to be smarted than the doctor – and if that sounds presumptuous so be it. In the end I will be victorious unlike those other unfortunate souls that take what the white coat tells them to be gospel and true.

I have since scheduled myself for a visit with a functional medicine doctor. One who looks at the whole body, who looks at test results in a much narrower range than traditional medicine and is eager to address lifestyle as well as preventative and nutritional aspects of disease rather than pumping each patient full of pharmaceutical drugs. My appointment is next week and I have made a long list of tests I want so that even if the doctor cannot determine what I am dealing with I can refer to the books that I have read and determine what I need for myself.

UP next – my AIP diet change.


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